Best Free Apps for Learning English

english_appsIf you’re learning English and you have an smartphone you are really lucky. There are a lot of free Android apps to improve your English on the go. All of them can be downloaded to your device from Google Play Store.

Below you have some links to articles about this topic on the Internet. Choose the apps you like most and practise English:

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Too & Enough with adjectives

Too goes before adjectives and adverbs. It has a negative meaning and shows that something is more than enough, more than necessary or more than wanted.

too + adjective/adverb + to –infinitive.
Helen is too rude to become a doctor.
He is too old to play football with the kids.

Enough goes before nouns but after adjectives or adverbs. It has positive meanings and shows that there is as much of something as is wanted or needed.

Adjective/adverb + enough + to –infinitive
The weather is warm enough to swim.
The shoes aren’t comfortable enough to walk for a long time.

enough + noun
There isn’t enough water.
We have enough money to buy a new car.

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